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About Marian Watson

Marian Watson’s work is organic and inspired by the landscapes of Shropshire, reflections in water, and the beauty of the garden. She gained her B.A. in fine-art painting at St. Martin’s School of Art, and then studied jewellery making in Oxford. Fine-art training has given her the freedom to approach jewellery making in innovative and less conventional ways. Her jewellery has a natural feel,as though it was found in the woods, with textures mimicking moss on stone, or bark on trees, with a sense of treasure trove and ancient/futuristic.

She exhibits throughout the country:-

The Bluecoat Display Centre
50/51 The Bluecoat, College Lane,
Liverpool. L1 3BZ
0151 709 4014

The Gallery,
Waterperry Gardens Ltd.
Waterperry, Nr. Wheatley
Oxford.  OX33 1JZ
01844 338 085


Old Chapel Gallery
East Street, Pembridge,
Herefordshire, HR6 9HB
01544 388 842

The Little Gallery,
Broad street
Montgomery. SY15 6PH
01686 668 866 





Contact Marian Watson 01588 630335